Like many of you, I had a whole lot of plans for 2020. This was supposed to be “the year”… you know?

But we ended up in a global pandemic, and the world literally shut down. It was so unexpected and in the beginning, it really terrified me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still scared and nervous about the whole think, but I’ve learned to not only focus on that. With half the year gone and spent indoors, I’ve realized most of my plans have definitely fallen through. So what now? I’m literally just going with the flow. You know that saying “want to make God laugh? make plans for your life” (or something like that)… Yeah, so relevant right now.

Losing control over my life has actually been a blessing in disguise because it has given me so much time to think about, re-evaluate and accept a lot of things. Things have slowly started opening up again, and I’m slowly starting to trust the outside world again. Small things like feeling the wind on my skin and feeling sunshine on my cheeks have seemed like heaven to me.

We are all hopeful for better days, but in the mean time, I’m allowing myself to just relax, take a breath (or two) and let life lead me a little bit.

How have you been handling this time? let me know in the comments.

xx Val

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  1. So funny my last post was about plans failing too lol
    Well school kept me busy through most of this time and it seems like now, towards the end is when things are really beginning to fall apart for. Regardless, I’m still holding on to the hope that better things are coming.

    Great post!


    1. School also kept me super busy these past few months. I’m actually happy I have a bit of a breather now.

      Things will definitely get better. They always do.


  2. I can totally relate with this. My plans went to the incinerator with the start of this pandemic. It still doesn’t feel real sometimes


  3. Keeping me busy? YouTubeee and writing. Recently started reading again too. God really helped me keep my sanity. The boredom would have driven me somewhere other wise.


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