I just realised I started a completely new blog, and didn’t even introduce it. So here goes…

Welcome to my new and improved blog, -A peep into my lifestyle.

I started this blog because I outgrew my old one. It wasn’t feeling very “me” anymore. The old blog just started to feel a bit all over the place, with no real focus area and It was cluttered. As the world fell into its new reality, I was forced to face a few of my own realities as well. I realised I need to write about what I enjoy most, and not what I think everyone else will enjoy.

I have always enjoyed writing lifestyle related content, and I noticed more engagement on my lifestyle related posts on my old blog as well. That seems to be a niche I can really flourish in. That’s what this blog will be about: Lifestyle. This does not however mean I won’t share content on other topics I love such as beauty, fashion and travel. Those topics will just not be as prevalent as they were on the old blog. I also plan to be a lot more consistent in my blog post uploads, and I think a blog schedule will help with that.

There may be a few of you that were subscribed to my old blog ( Thank you for coming on this new and exciting journey with me. And to my new subscribers, welcome and thank you.



Published by valerynangula

Hi there. My lifestyle blog is live at:


  1. Hello Valery, I am a new subscriber and look forward to reading your posts. I would like to thank you for following My Abbas Blog. I pray you will be enlightened and encouraged through my writings as I know I will be in reading yours. Have a great evening. God bless you abundantly.

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