So a few weeks back, I decided to plan a day out of the city for my mom, sister and I. After being on lockdown for so long, we had not travelled at all… had not even left home except for when we went grocery shopping, really. So when restrictions were eased, I decided that even just one day out of the city would do all of us some good.

I decided on Immanuel Wilderness Lodge, literally a stone throw outside the city, just a little hidden in the bush. Driving a short distance is important for someone like me, because I really don’t like driving. It is a really cute place, very photo-esque and instagramable (lol, seems like it is important these days).

We arrived just before midday and before anything, one of the staff gave us a little tour of the place (rooms, the waterhole and amenities). The rooms are absolutely gorgeous and the scenery and just beautiful. The prices for the rooms are currently unbelievably affordable… So I definitely want to spend a night there some time soon.

We then had lunch at the restaurant (I had made a prior reservation) The food was absolutely delicious. We obviously also had some drinks… The cocktail I had was an absolute delight. The service was amazing, and the staff was very accommodating.

After the amazing lunch, we headed down to the pool. There is a small fee you have to pay for use of the pool, but it was worth it. The pool area is really beautiful and tranquil. The great service continues outside as the waitresses kept coming to check up on us. My sister and I ordered a bottle of Champagne, darling, and spent the rest of the afternoon lounging by the pool and just chatting (and getting some good photos as well).

We left the lodge at around 5:30 pm. It was a really good day overall. I would absolutely go back there. Have you had a chance to have a little getaway recently? let me know.

xx Val

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