I’m sure you’ve heard of gratitude journals, and why so many people vouch for having one. Its been said that simply jotting down everything you’re grateful for (daily / weekly/ monthly/ yearly), you tend to be more thankful for all you have and less focused on what you don’t have. All this is supposed to result in everything you want coming to you in no time.

I have always been a collector of notebooks and journals, but a lot of them are unused. Earlier this year, I decided to start a gratitude journal for the first time. Although I haven’t journaled daily I’ve gotten back into the habit of writing at least twice a week. This is why I think it was a great idea:

  • I’m definitely more focused on all the good in my life, and not so much on what I don’t have or like in my life;
  • I don’t take time for granted as much, and tend to to today what I can, instead of waiting for tomorrow (which is not promised);
  • My priorities have changed. With regards to myself, the people in my life and the things I spend my days doing and thinking about. All that has seemed to align with my dreams and goals.
  • I’ve noticed through my different journal entries that as the year went by and the more things I added to my gratitude list, the more I realized how many more blessings I have received.
  • It builds the best habit you can have: the habit of thinking positively. Reading back all that I’m grateful for has allowed me to be so excited about all I want and all that’s yet to come, but in a positive way. It has made me so optimistic and given me so much hope… Most importantly, it has improved my outlook on life.

I will definitely keep up with my gratitude journal for a long time. I just need to discipline myself to write in it more frequently, because the entry dates are currently very infrequent.

Have you ever had a gratitude journal or thought of starting one? Let me know in the comments,

Thanks for reading.

xx Val

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  1. I really like your article and I must say I had a similar process as yours regarding my gratitude journal. It was intended to be a gratitude journal but sometimes I write about what saddens me or what makes me happy as well. For me, journaling is also a way of getting to know myself better.

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  2. Nice blog. Very inspiring blog post. We like to gift a jar full of all the beautiful qualities in a person written on a piece of paper or sometimes even frame it declaratively in a large photo frame. Yes, gratitude journal is definitely a very good idea 👍💕


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