HAPPY NEW YEAR, good people!

After last year’s resolutions fell apart and many of us tried to amend and change them to fit the world’s new reality, I found myself hesitant to even make new year’s resolutions this year. There is still a lot of uncertainty as to how things will be this year, whether we will be able to live life as we once did, or are we heading down the same (or an even worse) path that we were on last year?

I don’t know. And so that’s why making clear cut new year’s resolutions just doesn’t seem inviting to me. What I’ve decided is this:

I’m giving myself permission to change and switch up my goals, depending on how I feel and what’s happening around me. This gives me room to grow and allow myself freedom to start over as many times as I want. All while avoiding feeling like I failed if I don’t do something I set out to do.

What about you have you set any resolutions and/or goals for the year, or are you just winging it like most of us?

xx Val.

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13 thoughts on “NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS?

  1. This right here is very important: “I’m giving myself permission to change and switch up my goals, depending on how I feel and what’s happening around me.”

    2020 taught me the importance of being flexible with timelines and achieving goals and that’s the mindset I’m using this year. I have a list of over 300 things I want and some of them have a month and a year as a deadline. There were two goals in particular that I wanted to achieve last year. I pushed real hard and got one off but unfortunately something came up and I couldn’t achieve the second goal. I didn’t view not achieving the goal as a failure but I saw it as an opportunity to be flexible. In having to reorganize some things to achieve that goal, I was able to start working on three other goals.

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  2. I LOVE this post!! Goals can sometimes be constricting and limiting… You’ve said it perfectly.
    Also- thank you for dropping by my site today! Means alot (:
    stay sticky,

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  3. That’s the only way to do it, tweaking the vision as you go.
    I spent last year grabbing opportunities I hadn’t planned for that came up, cancelling stuff that just wouldn’t work anymore and giving myself grace for doing what I could in an ever-changing world. More power to you for doing the same

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