Whenever I eat out, I tend to prefer breakfast or brunch! Nothing beats a good coffee, egg, bacon and toast meal. I think there is a reason breakfast is termed as “the most important meal of the day”. I’ve had a lot of good breakfast meals, and I’m always open to trying out ew spots, but I recently gave in and visited a rather popular spot in Cape Town. So many people give rave reviews for this place, especially as a breakfast/brunch spot, so we decided to give it a go: JARRYDS: Espresso Bar + Eatery.

If you’re looking for a nice, lively place to have your most important meal of the day, head on off to sea point and visit Jarryds. Its situated on Regent Rd, Sea Point, and was quite easy to find.

This place was super vibey (we went at around 10 a.m). The atmosphere was absolutely amazing, with the perfect ambience, and the staff was so friendly.

The menu consists manly of light and quick meals, but very filling options in the same breath. They have fruit meals, smoothies, full breakfast options, bread based options and all sorts of juice, cocktails, tea and coffee roasts etc.

I had a cappuccino and a Bacon & Egg Bun, while my friend had a cappuccino with the Pancake Stack! yum. The food was good, and we didn’t have to wait long for it. Fresh buns, crispy bacon and just enough crème in the cappuccino. Really a perfect brunch we had.

The service was top tier. The staff was very attentive and always available for any request.

Another great thing about this spot, you can go for a walk on the Sea Point Promenade after your meal, because it is basically down the road from Jarryds. Not a bad way to end the brunch, huh?

P.S. Breakfast is served all day!

This is now definitely one of my top spots for a good brunch/breakfast date. It really was worth all the hype.

What are some of your favourite brunch spots? let me know.

xx Val

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  1. I also love breakfast/brunch! Thanks for this recommendation. What a pity I live too far away to visit.You do find some excellent places in Switzerland too. It’s usually four- or five-star-hotels who do wonderful brunches on Sunday. Mind you it’s quite expensive and you have to help yourself at a buffet! Love from Elisa

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