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One of my all time favourite bible verses is “Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). And I love any wording that has to do with being still or quiet, really.

Life moves at such a fast pace, and sometimes we find ourselves moving just as fast along with it. And when it all comes crashing down, you realise that maybe you just need to relax, and find silence. But what happens when the silence becomes comfortable and you find yourself confused as to whether you’re just being still or simply doing nothing? And no one wants to feel like they are doing nothing, right?

I have at times felt confused between the two, but I have since learned the difference. Being “still”, whether in the biblical sense or just in general, means accepting that you’ve done enough (more than you should have, even). And once you’ve put in all the work (made the calls, sent your resume, done the work, studied hard, or applied etc), you can sit in stillness and wait for things to work out as they ought to. Doing nothing would be the complete opposite of that. It literally means you have not taken a single step toward achieving whatever it is what you want. It means giving up before you even try or give everything you can in a situation.

And that’s why I don’t feel bad being still anymore. Because I know I’ve done all I should have and could do, and the only thing left to do is wait. I now enjoy being still, and trusting that what’s for me will definitely never miss me. Especially if I’ve put in the work.

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  1. Stillness is power
    That’s why the Bible advocates for peace which surpassed all understanding. It very important.
    Thank you for the reminder


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