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People are always looking to find fun but affordable activities to do in and around Cape Town. A fun affordable activity is a visit to the clay café. The clay café is a café (duh), where you can choose any clay object to paint over in your own design and inspiration. After that’s done, you leave it with them, they…and after two weeks, you should receive an email letting you know to pick up your masterpiece (and I use that word loosely). I chose to paint a coffee mug, my sister chose a leaf-shaped plate.

I am no artist okay, but this is a great way to explore ones artistic side. Here are the amazing results! Who wants to put in their bidding lol? The prices for the whole process depend on the size, shape and other factors concerning the object you choose to paint. You get to pick three colours of paint, some extras like stickers, shapes etc. and your paint brushes, of course. You can also choose more than one object to paint, but we each opted for one because it was both our first time doing this. Next time, I might just decide on a whole set for my coffee station, or a pot for my plants.

My sister and I had some great sister bonding time, shared in our creativity, all over some wine, pink lemonade and pizza. The drinks were great but the pizza was absolutely divine. I love when people are more than generous with feta toppings, yum! This was such a perfect Friday evening.

If you are ever in the city, specifically in the CBD, try to make your way to the clay café. We went there on a Friday evening, and it gets really busy so we had made a prior booking to ensure our space was reserved. Its situated in the popular and often busy Bree street.

The ambiance and vibe was fantastic and the service was great as well. I would 100% recommend this cute activity.

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