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Towards the end of March 2020, I found myself with a lot of free time on my hands (for obvious reasons) . I had watched all I could on Netflix, watched all my favourite youtubers and caught up on all my reading. So I was wondering what else I could do to pass the time… until a friend suggested I start listening to podcasts. And wow, what a journey that’s been.

So I thought I’d share three of my absolute must-listen-to podcasts, hosted by African women right here on our beautiful continent, in no particular order of favouritism.

The Messy in between (TMI Podcast KE) by Murugi Munyi & Lydia K.M:

I recently found this podcast, towards the end of 2021. Its hosted by 2 Kenyan women in their late 20s/ early 30s, discussing life and everything in-between. This podcast is hilarious and such a fun time to listen to. They discuss so many different topics including love, money, friendships, sex, relationships and work, from an African millennial woman’s point of view.


What I really love about this podcast is that these ladies have no filter. Zero. None. And it is so hard to find women speaking so openly on topics seen as taboo to the general and/or older African generation. In this new age of feminism, I love and appreciate women who do not care for the opinions of others on how they live their lives, and if you’re into that kind of thing, this podcast is a must listen.

They also have video content of this podcast released every week on YouTube, along with the Spotify audio. You can watch here on youtube and listen here on spotify.

Wisdom & Wellness by Mpoomy Ledwaba:

Mpoomy is a South African content creator whose content is generally of a very wellness lifestyle genre. If you have not already listened to the podcast, you should. She discusses powerful topics, with equally powerful guests. The podcast is focused on, you guessed it, wisdom and wellness. Discussions are centered around life in general, motivation, inspiration and just feel-good conversation.


Mpoomy is one of my absolute favourite content creators right now. I just love the way she presents herself and how she chooses to use her creativity. When she started this platform, I immediately knew I would enjoy it, because I’d always enjoyed her other content on youtube. You can listen / watch the podcast here on Youtube and on Spotify.

There is a new episode of the podcast that dropped this very week, and always with video content, which I love. The podcast was on a bit of a break, and within that time, I tuned in to her other podcast.

She also hosts another podcast it with her husband called “Our Love Journey”. The podcast mostly talks about topics surrounding marriage, love, relationships and general lifestyle. I love the chemistry between her and her husband, I love that the podcast discusses real life situations, but is still very light-hearted and fun. There was a time when they had other couples as regular guests, not so much anymore. This has however not affected the quality of the content at all.

Its related, I promise (iRIP) by Muthoni Muchiri, Julia Gaitho & Sharon Machira

I only found this podcast because one the hosts, Jules is part of a Kenyan YouTube channel that I absolutely enjoy (Over25). So when she announced that she was part of a podcast, I was eager to listen as I enjoy her opinions on the Over25 YouTube Channel. And I am so glad I gave this podcast a chance, it’s great.


Its hosted by young Kenyan Professionals, and they discuss various topics such as life in general. Relationships, mental health, insecurities, social media and passions are some of the topics they’ve covered so far.

They have only released a few episodes, around 15 and had not released a new episode in almost two years now (the last one was released in September 2020). But, great news… the podcast is officially back with a new episode released this week.

The episodes are available on Spotify here. There is no video content (to my knowledge).

I am a visual person, so I do enjoy video content, However, sometimes you just want to listen to a great podcast while reading, writing, working out or driving. Two of the podcast I mentioned are available on YouTube and Spotify (and probably many other platforms), so whether you’re at home relaxing, or working away, you can listen to these podcasts at your convenience.

Have you ever listened to any of these podcasts? If not, what are you waiting for! You can also leave some suggestions of podcasts hosted by African women I should give a listen to in the comments.

P.S This list is not closed. I listen to more podcasts by African women, many of which are in the diaspora.

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