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Hi Lovely People,

This will be a quick, straight-to-the-point type of post.

I have had a sit-down meeting with my team (my team being me, myself and I), on where exactly I
want to see my blog go, in terms of direction and content. One of the things I have resolved and am
keen to share is that I would love to have guest bloggers and/or contributors for the blog.

I love my blog and its growth, especially since I revamped it 3 years ago. Since that revamp, I have had so many ideas floating around of what I want to do with the blog, and what the end-goal is. Now that I have clarity on that, guest bloggers and contributors seem like the best next step to take.

Here’s how I would like it to work:
-As a regular reader (I hope), you know the type of topics I write about on the blog. I do not always
have the luxury that is time to write, edit and post my own content… because, you know, life?
So, I would like to invite any and every one who would like to guest blog or contribute to a
post on the blog.

My usual main topics on the blog are Lifestyle, Beauty and Travel. However, I would really like to break these topics down to give my readers more depth and experience.

If you are keen, here are some suggested topics I would love some guest bloggers and/or contributors to:
Wellness, Health, Inspiration & Productivity, Relationships (Platonic and Romantic), Personal Growth, Money & Finances, Career, Work and Play Balance, Adventure, Interior Design, Home Décor, How-to Guides, Fashion and Beauty, Minimalism, Blogging, Influencing, Race, Gender, and Genral Life Advice.

I am hoping for raw, honest and challenging pieces for some of these topics, to really allow
engagement. (P.S This list is not exhaustive and I am open to submissions of all natures. Just send me an email for confirmation).
Anyone that would like to guest blog or contribute can email me on, with your
idea, questions, suggestions etc. Once I understand what you’re trying to convey, I will send a confirmation email to let you know that you can start on your piece, with notes on deadlines and proposed publishing dates.

I hope to publish the first guest post or contribution piece early next year (2023) …

Please note the following rules:

-This is not a paid opportunity. It is merely my way of starting some collaborations with other writers and bloggers of similar interest.
-All your intellectual property rights will remain vested in yourself, and you will be named and
referenced at the end of your guest post or contribution.
-You should submit photo to accompany your post. Preferably your own photos, however, if sourced elsewhere, please include clear references as to avoid copyright infringement claims.

  • Please note that I am also accepting anonymous contributions, if you would not like to be named. I will keep all anonymous submissions as just that, anonymous.
    -You will also be expected to submit a short profile of yourself, with all social media links, just so people can find you elsewhere. This is not a must if you would like you post to remain anonymous.
    -You and I can work together on a joint post, or I can suggest that you work with another
    blogger/contributor should I notice your proposed contribution content to be too similar to separate.
    -I will not accept any hate speech or negative content that might result in prejudice or discrimination against anyone.

  • Let’s work together and share in our creativity and bloggers and writers. I look forward to hearing
    from all of you!

  • xx Val xx

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  1. I’d love to be a guest blogger! I’ve been considering a post on decorating in apartments. Since no holes are allowed in the walls, what should you do for decoration? Let me know if you are interested!

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