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It can be so easy to be negative, and think about how horrible things in your life are. But wouldn’t it be better for everyone if you just focused on the positive, no matter how small it may seem? Read to see how I’ve been making sure I smile everyday.


  1. Do something that makes you happy everyday.
  2. Avoid anything that sets off negative feelings and thoughts within you.
  3. Give yourself as much grace as you so freely offer to others.
  • Doing something that makes you happy is very simple. It does not have to be your absolute favourite to do thing in the world, just something you enjoy. It could be waking up to catch the sunrise, or having a cup of morning tea/coffee by yourself, before everyone else wakes up. For me, its as simple as reading a book… even if its just for five minutes; or simply having a cup of lemon or chamomile tea.
  • Avoiding things that wake negative feelings and emotions within you simply means filtering your life. And this means both in real life, and online. I started unfollowing, muting and blocking anyone whose social media updates bothered me somehow (twitter, instagram, youtube and whatsapp.). I then proceeded to filter what I watch… I realised that a lot of the “trash TV” I used to enjoy does nothing for me but make me enjoy seeing people presenting themselves in a negative light. And what’s the fun in that? Instead, I’ve started watching fun, light and uplifting shows, and started changing my taste in music too.
  • Giving yourself grace is so important. I don’t know about you, but I have suffered from being a “people-pleaser” for a very long time. But I’ve recently started to realise that I need to put my own feelings first. This meant allowing myself the same grace I so freely give to other people. I now allow myself some space to make mistakes, fall apart and put myself together again. No matter how long that takes. And it has done wonders to my self esteem and self-care, for my mental well being.

You see how simple making yourself smile can be?

What do you do to make sure you give yourself a smile everyday? let me know in the comments.




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7 thoughts on “HOW TO SMILE EVERYDAY:

  1. Smiling not only makes you feel better but it makes the other person feel better as well. we need to see more people smiling and offer kindness to one another. I try to tell everyone to have a blessed day. 😊


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