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Believe it or not, I only started on Sorbet products 2 years ago. I guess I have to give thanks to the lockdown because it allowed me try out some new products. I’m always down to try new products. And after 2 year trial, these are the three Sorbet products I decided to try out :

1. Core Range Nourishing Body Butter

2. Core Range Nourishing Hand And Nail Cream

3.Nourishing Body Wash

I decided to start small, and so I went with 3 of their bath & body products. Here is a small review of what I think of the products after using them for 2 years:

The body wash: I love anything that smells nice. This wash is also very nourishing, due to its inclusion of Argan oil. It’s smooth on the skin, and produces enough bubbles. It is fragranced, but not heavily. It also has Vitamin C and Dragon Fruit Extracts, sure to leave you feeling and looking bright.

The body butter: I opted for a body butter because my body is not sensitive to products, unlike my face. I love a body lotion that leaves my skin feeling moisturized and soft. That is exactly what this body butter did. It contains a perfect mix of Vitamin E, Argan Oil and Dragon Fruit Extract. I especially love putting it on at night, the scent makes going to sleep easier because it is so soft, yet so pleasant.

The hand & nail cream: I use this product more than the others, because it has become my go-to hand lotion. I have clearly seen its effects on my hands. It leaves them very soft, nourished, hydrated with a little glow and smelling absolutely divine. Like the other products, it has a great blend of  Vitamin E, Argan oil and Dragon Fruit Extract.

I can safely say these Sorbet products have become a part of my routine, especially the hand & nail cream that I have been using every day since my first purchase. I am excited to try all their other products.

Have you used any Sorbet products? Let me know in the comments.

NOTE: All products purchased from Clicks Stores. Clicks loves a good “3 for 2” sale, so try it out.



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