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I can hardly believe another full year has come and gone. Like many people, I feel like I blinked and it was all over. But in reality, it was just as long as it needed to be. Not too short, not too long.
I wanted to give a small, diluted update on what happened in my life during this year. So much
happened, both good and bad, but this post will focus on the good. There have been so many things I’ve psyched myself out of in the past, mostly motivated by fear, but this year was a little different for me. Maybe it’s the getting older, but I am finally realising that I have to be the most important person in my life. And to truly be happy, I have to do things that make me happy.

So, here’s some positive things that shaped me into the person I am the end of this year.

-Travel: I have been traveling since January of this year, both within and outside my own country’s boarders. I started the year off with a week’s trip to my absolute favourite city in the world, the mother city: Cape Town. I went more than once, and as usual, I never regret my trips to Cape Town. Something that lies asleep within my soul always seems to awaken and I love who I am when I’m there.
I am excited to say that as I write this, I am packing for another trip. Although this one is a quick drive outside the city for Christmas with my family, it still counts as traveling. I have seen and experienced so much because of travel, and it will only get better from here. Cheers to more destinations!

-Yoga: In March of this year, I finally decided to commit to yoga and not do it by myself via YouTube videos anymore. I knew I needed to move my body frequently, especially considering the fact that I sit in front of a laptop all day for my day job.
I joined a local Yoga Studio and had the best relaxing time. I was really intentional in my yoga activities, so I feel like I really got a lot from joining this studio. I started participating through their online class offerings during winter, and have not returned to the studio since. I do however plan on truly committing to yoga practice next year.

-Therapy: In May, I finally took the step to start therapy. This was a huge step for me, because I am not one to air mine or anyone’s laundry (dirty or clean) out. I am extremely private, and prefer to deal with things on my own. But I now know that’s not healthy, and I am slowly learning to seek and ask for help.
My therapist was great, but I have not gone to a session for a while. This does not mean that the things that led me to therapy in the first place have disappeared, no. They are definitely still present, but there have been things in my life that have just been a little more pressing and detrimental to my mental health that needed sorting out. Now that 99% of those things have been sorted out, I will definitely be making a call to my therapist to continue this journey.

-Celebrating: In June, I decided to actually celebrate myself. I have never been one to clap for myself, or pat myself on the back, even when I do something unbelievable. As I said before, something changed within me this year, and I am just a lot more grateful. In that gratefulness, I have found so much appreciation for myself and my achievements. I have done a lot of things that my younger self would be in awe of, and she deserves to see celebration. I invited a few of my closest friends and family to a lunch to celebrate my passing the bar, my admission to the high court and my Master’s Degree graduation. All of which are huge, and I cannot believe I almost did not celebrate these milestones.

Writing: Around August, I saw an ad calling for writers who would like to be considered for a writing workshop, under the guidance of published and experienced writers. I decided to send in my application, with little to no hope of receiving a call-up for the workshop. I mean, I have no real, professional writing experience, since I technically only write for my own blogs.
To my very welcomed surprised, I received an email that I had been chosen for the 3-week writer’s workshop and I was elated. It was one of the most educational experiences of my life. I will always be grateful for this workshop because it gave me so much more than I gave to it: I allowed myself to publicly share my writing, I pushed myself to write about things I am usually afraid to write, I performed an original piece in front of a live audience and didn’t fall apart.
Thanks to this workshop, I will soon be a published writer, and I am so excited to share that part of me with the world. I know this is the start of something I have always wanted to do, which is write.
My true love.

-Dating: Its December now, and I am happy with my dating life, especially after this year. I have not had a real, serious romantic relationship in a very long time. Sure, I dated here and there, but nothing ever kept me interested enough to blossom into a proper relationship. This year, I finally opened myself up to dating with actual intention, and I made some meaningful connections. I really put myself out there, and tried my best to give people a chance to really get to know me. There has not been any
news worthy developments on this front, but I am so glad I experienced the things I did this year when it comes to romantic relationships.
Who knows, there might be an update soon.

Well, I hope your year has been full of more good than bad. I hope next year is so good, you don’t even remember the bad.



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10 thoughts on “2022 YEAR WRAP UP: DATING, TRAVEL, THERAPY

  1. Sounds like you have had a busy year and done some amazing things. My main accomplishment this year is that I have published 3 books and slowly working on more. Take care and hi from New Zealand.


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