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I cannot believe how long its been since I write a travel-related post. But here we are!

I actually want to discuss why our generation glorifies travel so much these days. There has been an unprecedented growth of people quitting their jobs, making travel their lifestyle, creating travel-centered content, becoming digital nomads and the list goes on. From the outside looking in, it is an amazing way to live, right?

As someone who gets to travel quite a few times every year (not so much in recent years), I can definitely confirm that travel is one the best things one can ever experience. If you have the means or opportunity to travel, could be to the next town… do it. Our lives can get so busy, and yet be so mundane sometimes. And travel provides an escape from that, while giving the opportunity to experience something new and breathe some well-deserved fresh air.

I would love to travel more, at least once a month if I’m being honest. I don’t mean I have to leave the country, but even just a weekend trip out of the city somewhere nearby would suffice. I have found that my soul is happier when I am not in my normal surroundings. In turn, I become a happier person when I return to “real life”. Travel gives me a sense of freedom, and that freedom comes with a lot of excitement for life. We are supposed to be excited for life, and it would be great it I could feel that way all the time.

I have only travelled twice this year, both trips being to the same place (I love it there), and great things happened on both these trips ( that’s a story for another day). One of my goals for this year was to make it a point to go out of town more frequently. I don’t have aspirations to become a digital nomad or a travel content creator per se, however, it wouldn’t hurt right?

All I want to say is, please go out there and experience a life outside your norm. You never know what could come of it.

xx Val


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  1. Travelling is one of the best things someone can do for themselves. You learn new things, you become more exposed and open minded. Plus you get to relax and step out of your everyday life.

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  2. I concur. I always feel more inspired and reinvigorated too when I return home from travelling, especially abroad. I miss traveling the way I used to, but I am already in motion to getting my passport stamped again before the fall ushers in.

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